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hartmanGIDS.nl, hét instrument voor elke content management toolselectie

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The HartmanGIDS guides are essential instruments for CMS selections.
Organisations and companies use this guide when making a short list for tool selections. Suppliers and system integrators who are operating in the Benelux, can present their products and services for free by registering.


HartmanGIDS Web Content Management 2012
(publication date March 2012)
€ 99,-


HartmanGIDS Enterprise Content Management 2012  
(publication date 2012)
€ 99,-



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Sponsor HartmanGIDS

The HartmanGIDS is a unique marketing instrument for suppliers and system integrators of content management tools. We offer a range of sponsor ptions, online and offline (in printed guide). For more information please contact us +31 (0)30 - 877 35 60.